Aberdeen City ADP

The Aberdeen City Alcohol & Drugs Partnership (ADP), previously known as the Joint Alcohol & Drugs Action Team (JADAT) is a multi-agency partnership which was formed in 2009 following the publication of the Scottish Government / COSLA document, ‘A Framework For Local Partnerships On Alcohol And Drugs’.

The national framework aims:

‘to ensure that all bodies involved in tackling alcohol and drugs problems are clear about their responsibilities and their relationships with each other; and to focus activity on the identification, pursuit and achievement of agreed, shared outcomes’.

The document made clear that the Scottish Government / COSLA expect each local authority area to operate a dedicated partnership on alcohol and drugs, which is firmly embedded within their Community Planning Partnership structure. Governance and accountability arrangements are to be provided through the:

  • Single Outcome Agreement
  • NHS performance management arrangements, including HEAT targets

Mission Statement

The ADP’s mission statement is “To deliver measurable improvements in the quality of life for the people of Aberdeen, particularly their health and well-being in relation to alcohol and drugs.”

New Guidelines on Alcohol

Important new proposed guidelines on alcohol, drawn up by the Chief Medical Officers of the UK, were published on the 8th of January 2016.

CMO letter – New Alcohol Guidelines – January 2016

Summary of the Proposed New Guidelines On Alcohol:

Below is the condensed message we are intending to disseminate across the City partnership with regard to the recent review of UK Alcohol Guidance and consultation:

At the request of the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), a group of experts were asked to evaluate evidence about the levels and types of health harm that alcohol can cause. They have produced some recommendations about how health risks can be limited from drinking alcohol.

The UK CMOs considered and accepted the advice of the expert group and are consulting on the following 3 recommendations:

  • a weekly guideline on regular drinking
  • advice on single episodes of drinking
  • a guideline on pregnancy and drinking

The Scottish Govt have instructed that these new guidelines are not officially in place yet and that there is a consultancy period about these changes open until 11.45 on 1 April 2016. Therefore all current alcohol resources can continue to be used pending final outcome of consultation (approximately 2 months after deadline). Details on the consultation and how to respond (bottom of page) can be found at:


The consultation is specifically around the wording of the general advice and does not cover the evidence or scientific basis of the recommendations.

In the interim, to simplify understanding of the proposed changes and the specific wording, we have attached a short summary of the guidance as it currently stands, in the following link:-

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Alcohol Guidelines Review