Alcohol, Drugs & BBV Forum

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Alcohol, Drugs and BBV Forum

Terms of Reference – October 2015

Click on the the above link for a booklet designed to be of particular use to new members or those who may be unfamiliar with the Forum and its activity but also provide terms of reference to established forum participants

The aim is to provide relevant background information that may be needed in order for the Forum to operate as effectively as possible.

This booklet will be kept up to date and further versions will be available at the Forum webpage which is hosted here within the Aberdeen City Alcohol & Drug Partnership website.

Aberdeen City Alcohol, Drugs and BBV Forum



Aberdeen City Alcohol, Drug & Blood-Borne Virus Forum
Report to the ADP Meeting of 20th May 2016

Click on the above link for further Forum information, including outcomes from the Forum event of 26th April 2016: Young People, Preventing Alcohol and Drug Related Harm