Aims & Objectives

The ADP has the following aims and objectives:

  • To be a partner within Community Planning Aberdeen structure primarily responsible for substance misuse issues
  • To constructively engage with Community Planning Aberdeen Board and the other themed groups on substance misuse issues
  • To set and regularly review delivery of its alcohol and drugs strategies
  • To ensure that its strategies link to other relevant strategies and policies (e.g. Community Safety, Northern Community Justice Authority, Homelessness, etc)
  • To work collaboratively within Community Planning Aberdeen Board and across CPA and other relevant agencies to help deliver the ADP Strategies; the Single Outcome Agreement; and NHS HEAT Targets, and thereby help to tackle local problems arising from substance misuse
  • To work to improve alcohol and drugs services in Aberdeen City
  • To ensure that the views of service users, carers and the general public of Aberdeen City are considered in developing strategies and policy
  • To direct that alcohol and drugs services are commissioned in line with its strategic objectives
  • To ensure that alcohol and drugs services in Aberdeen City are delivered in line with the principles of best practice and are evidence based